A to-do list

Posted: September 10, 2012 in Thrillers, Writing
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I was so inspired after attending the Festival of Writing that today I spent my train ride to London writing a to-do list. It’s the sort of thing people often do in the morning, although I expect my one was a little different.

This is what it contains:-

Create more conflict in the office.

Introduce more chaos.

Research mind control drugs such as Rohypnol and LSD.

Murder someone.

Torture Detective Sergeant Glamis.

Let’s hope no one was looking over my shoulder.

  1. Henry Page says:

    The piece of oxidised lead pipe and the silver candlestick are sadly left behind in the murky past as the ready-to-hand murder weapons (who could forget Lord Lucan allegedly wielding the water pipe to murder the nanny?). The murder weapons of today are not really suitable for the Cluedo board …

  2. Anne says:

    [sticks head into blog]
    [reads list]
    [backs slowly out again]

  3. Brilliant list! But were you not in my Gratuitous Sex & Violence class? Your to do list seems very short of wild and inappropriate sex. I’d stick some in there too. Maybe not at precisely the same point as you torture DS Glamis, tho …

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